Hi, I’m Derrick. My last name rhymes with dining.

Here are some links to other places I’m present (more or less) on the ol' interwebs:

I’m a software developer by trade. I also kind of like it as a hobby, though it can get tiresome at times. I suppose I have some other distinguishing features, but I’ll just leave it at that for now. This site is where I rarely (really rarely) write and share what I’m learning or working on. Don’t be surprised if content here seems pretty stale. I generally prefer programming to writing about programming (surprise!), but sometimes I get the itch to reflect or share.

I really enjoy functional programming, especially the statically-typed variety. Lately, I’ve mostly been writing a functional subset of TypeScript, but I also dabble in Haskell, PureScript, and Elm to keep things interesting. Hindley-Milner type systems are where it’s at!

I’m especially fond of building user interfaces for web and mobile. I find the aesthetic and user experience requirements to be particularly gratifying to solve, and it just so happens to be a problem domain for which functional programming and static type systems are particularly well suited, because of its highly asynchronous and event-driven nature and its need to consume and interpret foreign data from disparate sources in meaningful ways for the user.

I wasn’t always a programmer. In fact, I got my undergraduate degree in International Studies and Spanish and then spent a couple years in seminary learning ancient Hebrew and Greek and biblical theology before deciding to transition to software. That transition was made possible by Fullstack Academy’s immersive software engineering program. All that to say: Life’s weird. Never be afraid to try something new!